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The No-Equipment "Ultimate Collection"

The No-Equipment "Ultimate Collection"

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You get 6 different no-equipment dance programs (Instant Access Online Plus DVDs) so you can enjoy an entire 12 months of fitness and never get bored again!

Barre Core

Our Barre Core program is specifically designed by us to keep your new body in tip top shape and improve it even further.

Drawing inspiration from yoga and ballet, this program allows you to lock in that new sexy dance booty and maximize and refine your results.

4 Week Beginner Soft-Shoe Broadway Program

Think “La La Land” and the screen sirens of yesteryear as you follow along in this beautiful 4-Week Broadway dance Program.

This 4-Week Dance Workout program is all low Impact and Easy-to-follow so you can focus on the incredible Broadway Tunes and Having Fun! No-Equipment required so you can dance anywhere, anytime!

4 Week Beginner Soft-Shoe Jazz Program

Step back in time and travel from Chicago, to New Orleans to New York...Join Annie to learn a variety of new tap steps while working out to jazz, rhythms, blues and rock and roll.

You’ll be sweating, toning, sculpting and having a lot of fun while learning brand new Jazz and blues steps.

4 Week Beginner Hip Hop Soft Shoe Program

Straight from the streets of LA, this 4 week hip hop workout will have you sweating, grooving and moving to the latest hits while learning incredible moves.


A 4 week Low impact dance program to increase your mobility, flexibility, and energy. Safe for back, knees, ankles and hips.

Plus a 4 week High Intensity Program where we turn up the heat, showing you the hottest moves and the highest energy songs to get the most from your daily workouts.


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