Hi There! Welcome to TAPfit! We're the 4 Johnson sisters (triplets Annie, Fi, Rach and baby sister Kat) and the co-creators of TAPfit! We just want to introduce ourselves and tell you a little bit about us!

We grew up dancing together in Australia and (after years of hard work and mum driving us to dance classes) competed at The World Dance Championships in Germany where we ranked Top 10 in the World. We've also been teaching dance for over 15 years. It's an absolute passion for us. Dance not only made our bodies stronger, but our bond closer as a family. We have seen the incredible power of dance, not only to tone your body, but to build your confidence, have fun and feel completely free.

TAPfit is the most incredible program, and we are so proud to share it with you. TAPfit has helped thousands of people around the world tone up, feel more confident and learn to love themselves again. It also brings joy to people in Retirement homes, who love hearing themselves make noise, to kids who love being loud and being heard, and to men and women who want to put the joy back into exercise.

Thank you being here with us.

It's a privilege to be apart of your story, and to have you apart of ours. A story of passion, dance, being loud and being heard. We can't wait to meet you!

Our Taps
(are awesome...)

Skip the dull boring workouts and push-ups - you just slip our taps over ANY FLAT BOTTOMED SHOE to transform them into DANCE SHOES! How awesome is that? No need for tap shoes, our taps are high quality stainless steel and are completely slip-proof, so you'll feel like a pro. Ready to put the FUN into fitness?

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Our Floors
(just as awesome...)

Rollable & Foldable for easy storage, plus lightweight! The TAPfit Floor is perfect to protect your flooring while you follow your fun dance workout videos! Our floors are made from high-quality bamboo with a non-slip fabric backing. We think they are the best portable tap dancig floor on the market!

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Strengthen neural
pathways while you dance

TAPfit helps to strengthen neural pathways by using pattern recognition and repetition

Learn a
new skill!

Break the monotony of your workout routine & put the fun back into fitness

Tone your booty
& Flatten your belly

Supercharge your life right now to help you look and feel years younger.

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