Broadway Super Saver Bundle

Broadway Super Saver Bundle


Take your skills to the next level with this Broadway Beginner to Advanced Bundle! No dance experience necessary! We'll take you through each program step-by-step so you can progress at your own pace.

You’ll be sweating, toning, sculpting and having a lot of fun while learning brand new Broadway tap steps. 

The Broadway Bundle Includes:

Beginner 4-Week Workout Program: Think “La La Land” and the screen sirens of yesteryear as you follow along in this beautiful 4-Week Broadway dance Program.

Intermediate 6-Week "Learn To Tap": This program is designed for you to take your dance skills to the next level with over 6 hours of tutorials, lessons and dances with more advanced steps and combinations. By the end of the program, you will have learned 4 Full Dances to impress your family and friends. Each step is broken down slowly with full instructions.

Advanced 4-Week "Learn To Tap": Is your last step in mastering your Broadway Tap Dancing Style. With more advanced steps and combinations, you'll be tapping like a pro and living out your Broadway Musical Theatre dreams!

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