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TAPfit Masterclass Bundle

TAPfit Masterclass Bundle

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You get 3 different dance programs (Instant Access Online Plus DVDs) so you can learn new steps and combinations and never get bored again! 

4 Week Beginner Soft-Shoe Broadway Program

Think “La La Land” and the screen sirens of yesteryear as you follow along in this beautiful 4-Week Broadway dance Program.

This 4-Week Dance Workout program is all low Impact and Easy-to-follow so you can focus on the incredible Broadway Tunes and Having Fun! No-Equipment required so you can dance anywhere, anytime!

4 Week Beginner Jazz Tap Program

Step back in time and travel from Chicago, to New Orleans to New York...Join Annie to learn a variety of new tap steps while working out to jazz, rhythms, blues and rock and roll.

You’ll be sweating, toning, sculpting and having a lot of fun while learning brand new Jazz and blues tap steps. 

4 Week Beginner Hip Hop Tap Program

Straight from the streets of LA, this 4 week hip hop workout will have you sweating, grooving and moving to the latest hits while learning incredible moves.


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