TAPfit in MNB Lorna Jane

TAPfit has been featured in MOVE NOURISH BELIEVE by Lorna Jane, a publication dedicated to health and wellness for women.


"First it was Zumba, then it was Barre Class, and now the new dance inspired workout that’s sweeping through the world like wildfire and leaving a trail of toned bodies in its wake is Tapfit, a combination of tap dancing, cardio and resistance training that promises to increase endurance, tone your arms and legs and lift and shape your butt. The total body workout engages muscles right throughout the body to leave you feeling strong, lean and super fit! Never one to shy away from new fitness trends, we caught up with Annie, one of the co-founders of the Tapfit program to find out more about this toe tapping workout, that works the brain just as much as the body… 

We are triplets (Annie, Fiona, Rachel) and have a younger sister Katherine. We’ve all danced for over 20 years and we have represented Australia at the World Tap Dancing Championships. After world championships, we were working with a student with Cerebral Palsy teaching tap dancing and realized the amazing improvement in posture, co-ordination, balance and muscle strength that our student had developed in such a short period of time. We wanted to bring these benefits to people everywhere, all around the world! And TAPfit was born! 

What fitness classes could you compare TAPfit to?

TAPfit has the excitement of classes such as Zumba and Barre class and the high cardio element of Body Attack however it is the first class in the world of it’s kind making tap dancing accessible to everyone. Previously you had to have a floor or suitable space to tap as well as invest in expensive tap shoes. Now everyone can experience the excitement, adrenalin and joy of learning one of the world’s oldest forms of art- tap dancing with TAPfit.

Why do you think dance based fitness classes are trending right now?

Dance based fitness classes are trending right now as people are more pushed for time than ever before. Instead of running or lifting weights, more people are enjoying learning a new skill while getting fit and having fun at the same time. TAPfit also offers cognitive benefits at the same time as you work out your body. No need to do those crossword puzzles or Lumosity games- exercise your body AND your brain with TAPfit!

What areas of the body does TAPfit target and tone?

TAPfit was created by world recognized tap dancers, fitness and diet professionals combining tap dancing, cardio, resistance training and body sculpting moves to get maximum results. It was specifically designed to have you working on the balls of your feet sculpting lean and toned legs and engaging your core muscles. TAPfit improves co-ordination, flexibility and balance due to the large combination of muscles used.

What are the physical benefits of regularly taking TAPfit classes?

TAPfit is a total body workout and the signature moves engage muscles all over your body – particularly your core, activates your quadriceps and all 3-muscle groups in your buttocks. These muscles burn more calories than any other muscle group in your entire body.The unique combination of tap dancing, cardio & resistance training effectively sculpt lean sexy legs, rock hard abs, lift your butt & tone your arms – ALL WHILE HAVING A BLAST! Taking a regular TAPfit class will increase your endurance, tone your arms & legs and lift and shape your butt.


What are the mental/cognitive benefits?

It not only exercises your body but also your brain! The TAPfit buzz has spawned the world’s first university backed research into the cognitive benefits of Tap dancing. TAPfit is proud to support researchers at La Trobe University in a first-of-its kind trial exploring the correlation between tap dancing and improved motor performance. Professor Meg Morris says that “this is the first time we’ve looked at tap dancing and we’ve realised its potential. It is part of a much bigger picture. Further cognitive dance studies may unearth intricacies in what way the brain controls movement”. “Tap dancing requires you to learn short routines, so you have to think about movement, sequence, and have to do the steps in a certain order. It’s a really good way to exercise your brain at the same time as exercising your body”- Professor Meg Morris.

Who are TAPfit classes best suited to?

TAPfit is suitable for anyone who wants to learn a new skill, get fit and have fun. There are low impact options available so that it is suitable for all ages. If you can walk on the spot, you can do TAPfit! '

You can find the article here: https://www.movenourishbelieve.com/move/the-newest-dance-inspired-workout/