Our Giving Back program is about making the right decisions on everything from our supply chain to our packaging, so we have a powerful impact on both people and the planet.

What if your purchase could directly help kids and communities all around the world? With our Giving Back program, that’s exactly what it does. By making the right decisions on everything from our supply chain to our packaging, your purchase has a powerful impact on both people and the planet.


A portion of every purchase directly supports our global mission to empower people everywhere to feel fitter, healthier and happier through the benefits of dance. A few examples of charitable organisations we support include:

Deep Heart Prison Group

A volunteer entertainment group providing hope and entertainment to inmates around the world. “When prisoners participate in tap, it brings them a sense of freedom and for a moment they forget where they are.”- Ruth

Riley Hospital for Children

We are proud to support the innovative Dance Therapy Program at the Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis

Project Grace Haiti

Not for profit dance classes run for disadvantaged youths in orphanages and the community in Montrouis, Haiti.

Inskip Elementary School

We are proud to support Inskip Elementary School offering a program catering to low income and at risk youth that are unable to afford dance lessons outside of school. The program focuses on giving children the opportunity to make music, gain confidence, and physical fitness through the art of dance.

Dance for Parkinsons

Dance for Parkinsons with Dr Beth Hochstein: This program teaches all types of dance to people with Parkinson’s with the rhythm and sounds greatly benefiting participants.

The Power To Fight Plastic Pollution

The environment is important to us which is why our taps are made out of recyclable silicone and stainless steel. We also focus and commitment to using recyclable cardboard packaging instead of plastic. Our taps are 100% recyclable.

Recyclable & Sustainable materials

Our taps are 100% recyclable. We are committed to using sustainable and recyclable materials in all of our manufacturing. Because we own our supply chain, we can ensure we always work with sustainable and recyclable materials - now and into the future.

Responsibly & Ethically Sourced

We only use materials that are responsibly and ethically sourced. Our TAPfit floors are made from a bamboo plantation which is free from pesticides and chemicals, sustainably sourced and requires very little water to grow. Bamboo is considered to be the most sustainable material in the world.



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