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Seconds: TAPfit Floors

Seconds: TAPfit Floors

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Have you struggled to find a portable tap floor?

... That's actually portable and doesn't cost a fortune?

Introducing the TAPfit Rollable & Foldable Dance Floor!


Your chance to grab a super bargain! Our seconds sale is limited.

All sales are final, no exchanges or refunds. 

Please note: These TAPfit floors are seconds or samples, which means that there have minor faults or scratches to the product or the product packaging. As per our terms and conditions, discount codes do not work in conjunction with seconds items.

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Revolutionary Rollable Design


Weighs only 5lbs!

Made from high-quality wood

Non-slip fabric backing

Easily Cleaned & Disinfected

Sustainably Produced

Does The Floor Fold?

What Size Is The Floor?

Do Professional Tap Dancers Use The Floor?

Will It Scratch The Floor Underneath?

Do You Sell Taps?

Does TAPfit Teach Tap Dance?

Are TAPfit Programs Hard?

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