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TAPfit Instructor Training

TAPfit Instructor Training

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Learn all the tools you need to become the ultimate TAPfit Instructor - from choreography to class structure so you can command the room and keep your class engaged. You're going to lead every class like it's a music concert. 


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TAPfit is a fun and engaging way for students to stay active and improve physical health, while also developing coordination, rhythm, musicality, and promoting creativity and self-expression


TAPfit's low-impact movements can help improve balance, mobility, and cardiovascular health. Our taps slide over slippers which enables residents to participate while seated so everyone can be involved


TAPfit is highly adaptable, making it an excellent option for people with intellectual or developmental disabilities. The movements can be easily modified to suit an individual's needs and abilities, ensuring everyone can participate safely and comfortably.


TAPfit is an exciting and unique dance fitness class, combining tap dancing with cardio and strength exercises. The rhythmic movements make it a great workout challenging both body and mind.

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