Slumber Slim by NATRIFI
Slumber Slim by NATRIFI
Slumber Slim by NATRIFI

Slumber Slim by NATRIFI

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Slumber Slim by NATRIFI is formulated by all-natural ingredients to give you the perfect sleep! Stress less, get better sleep.

“I love that there is a natural solution to help me sleep better” -Christine, Natrifi customer


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Women With Poor Sleep Gain 32% More Weight

Over a 16 year period, women with poor sleep habits gained more weight, lost more bone density, and had higher blood pressure than their peers


There’s heaps of evidence that women who are getting low quality sleep (including less than 7 hours, interrupted sleep, or restless sleep) are more likely to:

  • Gain more fat from excess calories consumed than average*
  • Lose existing muscle even if they are exercising
  • Experience higher stress levels, including blood cortisol (which contributes to weight gain in the belly and trunk for women)
  • And...believe it or not...GET MORE HUNGRY AND CONSUME MORE HIGH-CALORIE FOODS through the day.

The science is clear: It is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to lose fat if you have low quality sleep

But what can you do?

Our lives are busier and more stressful than ever before. Between kids, spouses and SO’s, work, house chores, and commuting to everything, there’s barely enough time to get it all done...much less focus on sleep, right?


Well, it turns out...

you can solve 99% of your sleep issues overnight

(pun completely intended, you’ll see…)

The trick is to get a “Full Night”.

A “Full Night” means:

7-9 hours of sleep per night


With 4-5 complete Sleep Cycles

If you get a “Full Night”, you can Burn Fat Overnight

But here’s where most people go wrong…

They try to improve their sleep a little bit at a time. Unfortunately, sleep is an “all or nothing” kinda thing. You either have a “Full Night”...or you don’t. You don’t get partial credit.

That’s why it’s so important to get things fixed right away. Luckily, there’s an easy way to do it… with Slumber Slim by Natrifi.

For most people, there are three main Sleep Problems. You might have all one, two, or all three.


Trouble falling asleep

If you stare at the ceiling for an hour after bedtime, wishing you could fall asleep, this is you.


Trouble staying asleep

If you wake up in the middle of the night, whether it’s to pee, because a noise woke you up, or you have kids interrupting you, this is you.


Trouble waking up rested

Trouble waking up rested. If you don’t know where you are when you wakeup...or if you feel like your eyelids weigh 100 pounds...this is you.

To get a Full Night, you need to fix all three of these problems in one swoop...and here’s how:

You just need to follow the Full Night Protocol

1. Avoid Killers…

  • No “blue light” 1hr before you want to fall asleep (that means your phone is in a drawer, and your TV is off. Seriously. Melatonin doesn’t work if you’re getting Blue Light because blue light causes Cortisol production...the opposite of Melatonin)
  • Less water before bed (especially if you get up to pee during the night. Don’t worry, you’ll have a big glass when you wake up)
  • Lower the lights, and make your sleeping room as dark as possible.
  • Put a HUGE priority on falling asleep before midnight (The science is clear here: an hour of sleep before midnight is like 2 hours of sleep after midnight)

2. Fall Asleep Faster

  • Take 2 tablets of Natrifi Slumber Slim 1hr before you want to fall asleep (pick your desired bedtime and pull back one hour)
  • Do softer, wind-down activities during this hour, like reading, meditating, casual yoga, writing, walking, or whatever calms you down. (Just no blue light from phones or TV)
  • Prep tomorrow’s clothes and grab a cup of water to drink in the AM (this settles your mind and detaches from the morning rush)

The ingredients in Natrifi Slumber Slim are tailored to this whole protocol:

Green Tea Leaf Extract your brain a powerful dose of metabolic boosting EGCG, which starts the process of metabolizing fat while you sleep.

L-Theanine shown to dramatically relax the mind, which helps you spend that 1hr winding down. It’s not a sedative, so it’s not going to make you feel weird or groggy like most drugs.


...increases the production of Serotonin, which reduces anxiety and puts your mind into a more positive and calm state. This is great if you’re a worrier who stays up thinking about chores, to-do lists, or the next day.

Passion Flower

...increases the GABA in your brain, which is crucial to getting full sleep cycles during the night. During a sleep cycle, your brain activity matters, and GABA supports the regenerative and healing portions of the sleep cycle.

Valerian Root

...has been used for thousands of years as an anti-anxiety and sleep enhancing supplement. Many people swear by it to produce more vivid dreams and calm the mind before bed

Melatonin the sleep hormone that your body is supposed to produce naturally when the sun starts to go down...but with modern UV light, stress, and indoor lifestyles, our bodies usually need support. It’s proven that taking a small dose of melatonin 1hr before your chosen bedtime can encourage the natural rhythm of your body to get back in sync with its nature.

Even Better, getting the same amount of all these powerful ingredients would cost MORE to buy by themselves...and Slumber Slim is designed to have the perfect ratio to support that “Full Night” you need to burn body fat and recover from your hard days.

And the best part is…

You can test this yourself completely risk free.

We know the Slumber Slim is going to give you the most restful sleep you’ve ever experienced, so we have a 60 day money back guarantee...try it for a few nights. If you’re not happy for any reason, you get all your money back.

Still thinking you don’t need this?

Well, I can assure you…

If you don’t already get a great night’s sleep, then any fitness or health goal you have is on permanent pause. Sleep is the great’s amazing and terrifying once you read all the studies coming out about how important it is.

Even if you’re getting 7-9 hours of sleep already, if you’re not getting a full 4-5 cycles AND being truly restored during the night, it’s not enough.

Oh...and “Catching Up” on sleep isn’t a thing.

You can’t sleep 5 hours a night for 5 nights and then sleep 7-8 on the weekends and expect everything to be ok. In fact, this roller coaster of a sleep schedule might actually harm you MORE than just getting 6 hours a night (because irregular sleep schedules create less complete cycles and contribute to “shift worker syndrome”)

If you’re on the fence...

You owe it to yourself to at least try this. You risk nothing. If you don’t sleep better, you get your money back. If you DO sleep better, you can finally get closer to your health goals and change your life.

Don’t wait. Order right now and we’ll ship it ASAP.