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New Year Special: Taps + 6 Week Learn To Tap (Plus Free Bag)

New Year Special: Taps + 6 Week Learn To Tap (Plus Free Bag)

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Our WORLD FIRST slip on taps makes the perfect gift for you or anyone you love. Instantly turn any flat-bottomed shoe into extraordinary dance shoes. Plus, in this super saver bundle, you also get the 6 week "Learn To Tap" starter series online and in DVD.

You Get:

  • Slip on Taps
  • Learn To Tap Starter Series Online
  • Learn To Tap Starter Series (DVD)
  • FREE BONUS: Keep sake Bag

And a BONUS Free Gift Bag to store your shoes.


As Seen In

Make every shoe into an awesome tap shoe...

Revolutionary Patented Design

Easily Slide Over Flat-Bottomed Shoes

100% Ethically & Sustainably Produced

Non-Slip Safety Grip

Stainless Steel Taps

Amazing Tap Sound

Stretch Over 3X Their Original Size

Free Shipping & Returns

Easily Cleaned & Disinfected

100% Satisfaction guarantee or your money back.

Our Taps are perfect for...


Our slip-on taps slide over trainers so they can be used for multiple classes & multiple people


Our taps slide over slippers which enables residents to participate while seated so everyone can be involved


Break the monotony of your workout routine & put the fun back into fitness with our slip-on taps & learn to tap program


Our taps have been used around the World with our learn to tap program, making tap and its benefits - more accessible

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