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Seconds: Slip-On Taps

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Our WORLD FIRST taps turn any flat-bottomed shoe into extraordinary dance shoes.

Your chance to grab a super bargain! Our seconds sale is limited.

All sales are final, no exchanges or refunds. 

Please note: These TAPfit taps are seconds or samples, which means that they have minor scratches but are in excellent working condition. As per our terms and conditions, discount codes do not work in conjunction with seconds items. Available until sold out.

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Seconds: Slip-On Taps
Seconds: Slip-On Taps
Seconds: Slip-On Taps
Seconds: Slip-On Taps
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"I'm 51 and significantly overweight (but losing quickly) I've never tap danced and I just want to share that I'm LOVING TapFit! I'm having so much fun and using muscles I'm sure haven't been used since high school"


"My only regret is not getting this sooner. THIS IS SO MUCH FUN!"

Anna K

"I was suffering from "pandemic depression"... TAPfit has brought me joy and a sense of personal achievement, but also I've made some wonderful friends in the tribe, as well as the Johnson sisters"


I.LOVE.THIS. This is the best and most fun exercise I have ever attempted! EVER!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!

Debbie F

"I love my Tapfit kit, the slip on taps, the floor, and the streamed classes! I love the encouragement and energy of the teachers and have been trying to tap several times a week. The taps are addicting! Thank you so much for creating the kit, I'm loving it, and it has really brought me joy as I've always wanted to learn how to tap."


TAPfit has turned out to be THE exercise program I have longed for....for years! It's easy, but challenging. It gets my heart rate up and I break a sweat; but it's FUN! It has improved my balance, coordination, and brain.

Peggy A

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