"You'll be so distracted by the fun tunes and dance moves you won't even worry about your two left feet."

"The new dance craze sweeping America."

"This is the most fun I've ever had working out"

"A high heart rate and this deep burn you feel in your butt and thighs proves this method means business"

TAPfit Home System

Join our 6-week Home Transformation system with everything you need to turn your living room into a dance party! Our slip-on taps mean you won't even realise you're working out - you're just dancing and MAKING MUSIC! Ready to join the party?

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TAPfit Slip-On Taps

Shop our award-winning equipment. Our slip-on taps turn any flat-bottomed shoe into an extraordinary dance shoe!

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Dance Your Way To Health

Learn To Tap In Minutes & Get A Full Brain/Body Workout!

No Dance

Low- Impact

Just 15
Mins A Day


Online Access
or DVDs


Real People,
Real Results

Real People,
Real Results

"This has been the best workout that I've ever had. I have a really small apartment and it doesn't take up space at all. It's simple. You can do it online. You can do it on your phone. You can do it on your computer."


Real People,
Real Results

I lost two pounds in one class. I feel great. I have more energy. I'm walking faster. I'm doing more in one day. I love it.


Real People,
Real Results

TAPfit helped me get stronger. It's an easy workout in the sense that the teachers are very easy to follow. And there are alot of little learning clips. So if you don't know the move, you can go back and learn the dance moves. It's an excellent workout."


The Benefits Of TAPfit

Just twenty minutes a day puts you back in control of your body, brain and how you age.

Strengthen neural
pathways while you dance

TAPfit helps to strengthen neural pathways by using pattern recognition and repetition.

Tone your booty &
Flatten your belly

Break the monotony of your workout routine & put the fun back into fitness!

​​Improve Your
Balance & Co-Ordination

TAPfit has been designed with physiotherapists and fitness professionals to be low impact, safe and effective.

Peak mood, feel Happier
& more confident

Supercharge your life right now to help you look and feel years younger.

Reviews From Our TAPfit Family

Ashley gained so much weight, she only felt comfortable in her husband's clothes. With TAPfit, Ashley lost 14 inches in 5 weeks!

"You don't even feel like you're working out. So you forget for a second that you're burning all of these calories. You're just having fun and sweating the whole time it's awesome."

Ashley Faulkner

Linda didn't think she could fit any exercise into her busy schedule, but lost 10 inches in 5 weeks!

"I don't have time to take classes or drive 45 minutes in different directions to get there. This system is fantastic because all I have to do is roll out of bed, slap on those tap shoes, turn it on and I'm there. I'm warming up. I'm doing the workout."


Janice thought it would be impossible to lose weight and build muscle at her age, but lost over 4 inches in 5 weeks!

"I get a full body workout from head to toe. My arms get toned, I lose weight and inches, which I thought would be impossible at my age. I'm more confident in my everyday life as well as feeling stronger and my clothes fit better!"


Gain All Of These Benefits And More...

Start learning tap dance, toning up and exercising your brain today!

  • Improve Focus & Remove Brain Fog

  • Peak Mood & Feel Happier

  • Improve Cardiovascular Health

  • Tone Your Booty & Flatten Your Belly

  • Break The Monotony Of Your Workout Routine

  • Improve Your Balance & Co-Ordination

  • Love Seeing Yourself In The Mirror Again!

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What The World Is Saying

"I'm LOVING TapFit!"

"I'm 51 and significantly overweight (but losing quickly) I've never tap danced and I just want to share that I'm LOVING TapFit! I'm having so much fun and using muscles I'm sure haven't been used since high school"

Susan Langford


"My only regret is not getting this sooner. THIS IS SO MUCH FUN!"

Anna K

"TAPfit has brought me joy"

"I was suffering from "pandemic depression"... TAPfit has brought me joy and a sense of personal achievement, but also I've made some wonderful friends in the tribe, as well as the Johnson sisters"

Mary Elizabeth

"The best and most fun exercise I have ever attempted!"

I.LOVE.THIS. This is the best and most fun exercise I have ever attempted! EVER!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!

Debbie Fink

"Tapfit is a silver lining to this crazy year with Covid"

I love my Tapfit kit, the slip on taps, the floor, and the streamed classes! I love the encouragement and energy of the teachers and have been trying to tap several times a week. The taps are addicting! Thank you so much for creating the kit, I'm loving it, and it has really brought me joy as I've always wanted to learn how to tap. Tapfit is a silver lining to this crazy year with Covid.


"THE exercise program I have longed for"

TAPfit has turned out to be THE exercise program I have longed for....for years! It's easy, but challenging. It gets my heart rate up and I break a sweat; but it's FUN! It has improved my balance, coordination, and brain.

Peggy A

"I can't believe how fun it is!"

I have my TAPfit system and I can't believe how fun it is! I feel like a kid again!

Renee Nicole

"I can feel my brain working"

At 70 I can almost feel my brain working, and definitely feel my heart pumping. And of course the fun factor is off the charts!

Jane B

"My only regret is not getting this sooner."

So I started week 1, and then did a second week with my kiddo. She LOVES it!! We have never laughed so hard together at our antics. My only regret is not getting this sooner. THIS IS SO MUCH FUN!! And we both enjoy the instructors energy.

Anna Kavanaugh

Meet The Johnson Sisters

Meet The Johnson Sisters

Hi! I'm Kat. I am the baby sister of triplets Annie, Fi, Rach and the co-creator of TAPfit! My sisters and I grew up dancing together in Australia and (after years of hard work and mum driving us to dance class) competed at The World Dance Championships in Germany where we ranked Top 10 in the World. TAPfit has helped thousands of people around the world tone up, feel more confident and learn to love themselves again. It also brings joy to people in Retirement homes, who love hearing themselves make noise, to kids who love being loud and being heard, and to men and women who want to put the joy back into exercise. So thank you being here with us. It's a privilege to be apart of your story, and to have you apart of ours. A story of passion, dance, being loud and being heard. We can't wait to meet you! Kat xx

The Johnson Sisters

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Meet The Johnson Sisters

I’m Annie, the eldest triplet (by 3 minutes) I graduated with Law and Finance degrees, and now I manage the Customer Service and Social Outreach divisions of TAPfit. The most rewarding part of TAPfit has been seeing the positive impact it has on your lives - whether it be in big or small ways. I currently live in Brisbane, Australia and have a beautiful little black cat named Puma. When I’m not keeping busy with TAPfit, you can find me either scuba diving, skiing or curled up on the couch reading with a good cup of tea.

Annie Johnson

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Meet The Johnson Sisters

I’m Fiona (the middle triplet) and I manage the Supply Chain and Operations of TAPfit! I currently live in Brisbane, Australia where I just bought a house with my husband and two beautiful daughters. The eldest, Ava, is a total firecracker with curly hair (she takes after me) while my youngest, Eloise, is a quiet soul who is calm beyond her years. I also have a very opinionated cat, Blue. When I’m not keeping busy with TAPfit, you can find me taking the girls to dance/ drama/ gymnastics/ swimming classes and attempting to put away the clean laundry that never quite makes it to the closet.....

Fiona Johnson

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Meet The Johnson Sisters

I’m Rachel (the youngest triplet) and I lead the Barre workouts in TAPfit. I’m also in Brisbane, Australia and I got married last year, so I’m excited about creating a home with my husband. I also have a cat (we’re a cat family) and her name is Nala. On the weekends I love spending time with my husband, doing Reiki and pilates, and I also love skiing!

Rachel Johnson

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I don't have tap shoes. Where do I start?

Won't tap shoes scratch my floors?

I don’t have time to do TAPfit

I haven't danced before, will I be able to do TAPfit?

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