Hi! We're TAPfit

This is Our story

We are four Australian sisters (triplets and the 'lovely surprise' baby sister, Kat) who believe fitness is about how you feel, not just how you look. We created TAPfit so that everyone can dance, feel empowered and be heard.

You should feel beautiful.

As four women in one family, we couldn’t abide the body shaming in the fitness and fashion industries. We want to change that, so we created a dance fitness program and apparel line that is all about empowerment. You should feel fierce, you should feel unstoppable, you should feel beautiful.

About TAPfit

I can't thank you enough for TAPfit. I could cry at how much I bloody enjoyed my first class... TAPfit's brought me back to life and reminded me what I'm all about. It's my absolute favourite thing in the world."


We've had our TAPfit a couple of weeks already and we LOVE it! 

Nona W