10 Hot Tips To Lose Weight

 1. Never skip breakfast

Have you ever missed breakfast and then a few hours later feel so hungry you could eat anything! What sort of breakfast you have will dictate what sort of day you have. The better the breakfast the more satisfied you will feel, less blood sugar fluctuation means you’ll be calm and less moody, and you will have energy to take on the day.

2. Always have a small dinner
This is a great weight loss tool. Having a small dinner will give your body a break from digesting overnight so you actually burn fat sleeping. Vegetables soups are the best for this.

3. Vegetables will fill you up
Fruit and vegetables are mostly water so they are the BEST for keeping you slim and trim. Base most of your meals around fresh vegetables and fruits, the best way is to cut carrots, cucumber, capsicum, green beans and keep a Tupperware in the fridge full of them so you can have a handful whenever you feel puckish and visit the fridge.

4. Drink 1 big glass of water as soon as you wake up
SO many people go straight for the tea or coffee when the wake up but these actually Dehydrate you! Deydration causes ‘hunger’ pangs which will mean you will snack all morning. Don Colbert M.D. author of “Eat this and live” also explains that drinking water first thing in the morning is beneficial because your stomach is empty and will not hinder digestion. Go for the water first. This will make your skin look great during the day too.

5. Sugar = fat in the body
Just because something says ‘fat free’ doesn’t mean it is. Sugar and too much ‘white foods’ like white bread, pastry, bagels, pasta turn into fat if you have too much. It’s very easy to have too much sugar as its hidden in lots of packet foods.

6. Sleep like a teenager
Sleep is the biggest weightloss helper. Dr. Siobhan Banks from the University of Pennsylvania is now a research fellow at the Centre for Sleep Research in South Australia. Dr Banks study of 92 healthy adults found that those who only slept 4 hours a day, gained 1.5kg during the 11 day study![1] Researchers at the University of Chicago believe that lack of sleep results in an increase in the hormone ghrelin which increases your appetite. Make sure you get 7-8 hours sleep as often as you can!

7. Don’t mistake boredom hunger for real hunger
When you’re bored the fridge or café is your best friend. Real hunger is that growling stomach type. Instead, have a glass of water and go write down a to do list of all the things you’ve been meaning to get done that week or take yourself for a walk outside, listening to your favourite songs!

8. Find your weakness
When do you crave bad foods? Is it when you’ve had a bad day, or stressed out? Drive past the convenience store or take out joint? Once you find your weakness try and change your habits. Not buying the bad stuff in the first place is often the best way not to eat it

9. Don’t be scared of fats
The ‘good’ fats should be called ‘beauty’ fats! Brazil nuts, cashews, almonds are great for your hair, skin and nails. Avocado is great for your skin. Salmon is great for promoting the release of stubborn bad fat from the body and for your skin. Just to name a few.

10. Smile More
It’s been proven that when you smile, even if you don’t feel like it, you brain is flooded with happy chemicals… So smiling when you’re having a mope will actually improve your mood and you will be less likely to reach for the chocolate as a quick fix.

By Emma Brown (Nutritionist)

[1] Drummond, L. “Sleep linked to weightloss” (n.d.) Retrieved from: http://www.bodyandsoul.com.au/weight+loss/lose+weight/sleep+linked+to+weightloss,8207