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Friday Special: 50% off 12 Month Access + Free Taps

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Choose from 15 different dance programs so you'll never be bored again!

Experience action packed, high energy and passionate classes with new beginner tap steps and combinations to take your dancing to the next level!

FREE BONUS: Free pair of slip on taps.

What’s included: 

  • Beginner Masterclass - 50 minutes from Maud Arnold
  • Over 100+ Dances
  • 200+ Recipes
  • 15+ different Dance Programs

Step By Step Breakdowns
Learn With Feet "Close-Up" to reduce overwhelm!
Complete Online Access from anywhere, anytime
Full Online Support with thousands of women

FREE BONUS #1: Intermediate  Masterclass
FREE BONUS #2:Slip on Taps. 







    Friday Special: 50% off 12 Month Access + Free Taps
    Friday Special: 50% off 12 Month Access + Free Taps
    Friday Special: 50% off 12 Month Access + Free Taps
    Friday Special: 50% off 12 Month Access + Free Taps
    Friday Special: 50% off 12 Month Access + Free Taps
    Friday Special: 50% off 12 Month Access + Free Taps


    "I'm 51 and significantly overweight (but losing quickly) I've never tap danced and I just want to share that I'm LOVING TapFit! I'm having so much fun and using muscles I'm sure haven't been used since high school"


    "My only regret is not getting this sooner. THIS IS SO MUCH FUN!"

    Anna K

    "I was suffering from "pandemic depression"... TAPfit has brought me joy and a sense of personal achievement, but also I've made some wonderful friends in the tribe, as well as the Johnson sisters"


    I.LOVE.THIS. This is the best and most fun exercise I have ever attempted! EVER!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!

    Debbie F

    "I love my Tapfit kit, the slip on taps, the floor, and the streamed classes! I love the encouragement and energy of the teachers and have been trying to tap several times a week. The taps are addicting! Thank you so much for creating the kit, I'm loving it, and it has really brought me joy as I've always wanted to learn how to tap."


    TAPfit has turned out to be THE exercise program I have longed for....for years! It's easy, but challenging. It gets my heart rate up and I break a sweat; but it's FUN! It has improved my balance, coordination, and brain.

    Peggy A

    Become the beat


    Our famous learn to tap course

    Welcome to our exhilarating "Learn to Tap Dance" course – where fun and learning dance hand in hand! With over 100,000 satisfied participants, our 6-week program has become a favorite among dance enthusiasts of all levels. What sets this course apart is the sheer enjoyment it brings to everyone who takes part. It's an absolute blast! The easy-to-follow instructions make it a breeze to pick up, even for people who have never tap danced before. Beyond the joy of dancing, there's also scientific evidence that supports the cognitive benefits of tap dancing. The repetition and pattern recognition involved in tap routines can give your brain a fantastic workout. Whether you're a seasoned tapper or a newcomer, you'll fall in love with this course's innovative approach. It artfully blends classic tap dance moves with creative techniques that leverage your body weight, sculpting your legs, arms, and engaging your brain in the process. So, come join the rhythmic celebration and tap your way to a healthier, happier you!

    WEEK 1

    Learn The Basics

    Welcome to TAPfit! Led by Kat, you'll delve into the basics of tap dance, mastering key moves like the tap step, shuffle, tap beat, stamp, heel drop, and toe drop. In just one week, even beginners can confidently tap dance on the spot, following the music and creating their own delightful rhythms. For those returning to tap dancing after years, you'll relish the joy of refreshing classic moves while experiencing the incredible body and brain benefits that tap dancing offers. Get ready to be amazed at how these fundamental steps can ignite your passion for tap dancing!

    WEEK 2

    Building on the Basics

    Under the guidance of our master trainer Kat, you'll experience a thrilling milestone as you put your basic steps to music for the very first time. As the rhythmic sounds intertwine with your movements, you'll discover the magical fusion of dance and music, igniting a symphony in your brain. This harmonious combination is a key component of our program, as research shows that tap dancing's rhythmic patterns and musicality stimulate cognitive functions. Your brain will light up with excitement as you immerse yourself in the joy of tapping to the music.

    WEEK 3

    Building Rhythms

    Welcome to another thrilling week of TAPfit. Joining Kat is the celebrated choreographer, Yvette Lee, renowned for her work on "Dancing with the Stars," "So You Think You Can Dance," and "The Masked Singer." Together, they'll infuse the magic of hip hop and pop into low-impact tap dance steps. You'll experience the best of both worlds – contemporary urban vibes with the elegance of tap. Following our celebrated 3:3 rule, three steps are repeated three times, providing a seamless way to master the moves. The clever choreography ensures you can fully experience the exhilaration of TAPfit, where the mind and body come together in perfect harmony. Get ready for an electrifying fusion that expands your dance horizons and leaves you inspired to groove like a star!

    WEEK 4

    Building Sequences

    This week, our master trainer Annie will take you on a thrilling journey, building upon your basic steps and guiding you towards crafting seamless sequences. As you dance away, you'll be so engrossed in the joy and excitement that you won't even realize how far you've progressed. With Annie's expert instruction, combining steps becomes effortless, allowing you to groove to the music with newfound confidence. Prepare to be swept away by the sheer fun and exhilaration of tapping your way through captivating sequences!

    WEEK 5

    Advancing Sequences

    Welcome to TAPfit Week 5. This week, the brilliant duo of Yvette Lee and Kat awaits you, bringing their expertise to choreograph mesmerizing routines set to slower tempo songs. Discover the art of intricate footwork and graceful movements, as the elegance of tap merges with contemporary allure. Get ready to be enchanted by this extraordinary experience, taking your dance skills to new heights!

    WEEK 6

    Accomplished Sequences

    What sets Week 6 apart is how effortlessly it blends learning with pure enjoyment. Participants are pleasantly surprised at how much they've accomplished, all while having an absolute blast. Kat and Matt's dynamic collaboration infuses every step with infectious energy, inspiring you to dance with newfound confidence and grace. It's an opportunity to showcase your progress, celebrate your journey, and revel in the sheer delight of tap dance. Week 6 is a celebration of the joy of tapping, the thrill of learning, and the transformative power of dance. Let the rhythm guide you as you immerse yourself in this vibrant dance extravaganza!