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Seconds: Slip-On Taps

Seconds: Slip-On Taps

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Our WORLD FIRST taps turn any flat-bottomed shoe into extraordinary dance shoes.

Your chance to grab a super bargain! Our seconds sale is limited.

All sales are final, no exchanges or refunds. 

Please note: These TAPfit taps are seconds or samples, which means that they have minor scratches but are in excellent working condition. As per our terms and conditions, discount codes do not work in conjunction with seconds items. Available until sold out.


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Make every shoe into an awesome tap shoe...

Revolutionary Patented Design

Easily Slide Over Flat-Bottomed Shoes

100% Ethically & Sustainably Produced

Non-Slip Safety Grip

Stainless Steel Taps

Amazing Tap Sound

Stretch Over 3X Their Original Size

Free Shipping & Returns

Easily Cleaned & Disinfected

100% Satisfaction guarantee or your money back.

Our Taps are perfect for...


Our slip-on taps slide over trainers so they can be used for multiple classes & multiple people


Our taps slide over slippers which enables residents to participate while seated so everyone can be involved


Break the monotony of your workout routine & put the fun back into fitness with our slip-on taps & learn to tap program


Our taps have been used around the World with our learn to tap program, making tap and its benefits - more accessible

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